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054. reyes-terrabusi

The three Terrabusi brothers arrived in Buenos Aires from Italy at the end of the 19th century & by 1911 had become entrepreneurs. Their cracker business was so successful that it eventually became one of the leading food companies in Argentina. The original logo depicts a woman walking with an umbrella in one hand & a tin of Terrabusi crackers in the other. Supposedly Ambrosio Terrabusi was sitting in a café one day, saw this girl & invented the logo/company slogan, “Not even the rain stops people from buying Terrabusi crackers.” Thanks to a former blog titled soncosasmias for the story & image below:

Terrabusi logo

Most Argentines over 20-years old identify with the company because of their famous Manón crackers… a staple in every kid’s lunch box:

Galletitas Manón

However, the company did not survive the wave of privatization in the 1990s. Carlos Reyes-Terrabusi sold the company in 1994 to Nabisco which in turn sold it to Kraft. Today, Kraft headquarters in Argentina now occupies what was once the Terrabusi main office. The sale price was a few million dollars, so Carlos now leads a luxurious life dedicated to polo. His team, La Picaza, won the 2007 Argentine Republic Cup. That’s him on the left:

La Picaza

It makes sense that one day he’ll end up in Recoleta Cemetery. The family has a modest, black granite vault from the exterior, but the interior holds a surprise… one of the most beautiful & sensual stained glass panels I’ve seen. Ever. Restoration work is currently being done, so I was able to get a shot with the door removed:

Reyes-Terrabusi, Recoleta Cemetery

Reyes-Terrabusi, Recoleta Cemetery

Reyes-Terrabusi, Recoleta Cemetery

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