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044. lappas

Naturally, one of the top silversmith families in Argentina has their family tomb in Recoleta Cemetery. They’ve dealt primarily in housewares (jars, vases, cutlery & the like) since 1887, but the font used for the business name is distinctly Art Deco:

Plata Lappas logo

Their largest store is on Avenida Santa Fe with a smaller locale across from Galerías Pacífico on Calle Florida:

Plata Lappas, Avenida Santa Fe

Plata Lappas, Calle Florida

Located on one of the diagonal avenues not far from the center, the Lappas family vault takes a triangular shape. While it may not be covered with silver, the font is easily recognized:

Lappas, Recoleta Cemetery

Lappas, Recoleta Cemetery

Lappas, Recoleta Cemetery

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