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  1. david murbach david murbach

    hello i was an acquaintance of robert and share some of your enthusiasm for cemeteries i dont know how to reach you so hope maybe you will read this comment and respond i have a fair amount of photos from many cemeteries in other places but just got back from a trip to santiago de chile where i visited the cemeterio general in recoleta a spectacular place took a lot of photos but a dear friend gave me a very large book in spanish about the cemetery which you may want to borrow and read i was also impressed as they had one computer terminal at the main gate that allowed anyone to search by name the location of a grave, print a map, ask questions about what presidents were buried in cem or what writers etc nice thing to have hope to hear from you david

  2. Hi David – I answered you via email & removed your contact info from the comment. I’m sure you don’t need more spam in your life 🙂

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