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259. defferrari ◊

In post #045, the original owners of the spectacular Art Deco/Neo-Byzantine vault pictured below had not been confirmed. Removed long ago, their family name has been cited differently in every book about the cemetery, with DeFerrari or Del Ferrari being the most common:

Defferrari, Recoleta Cemetery

Thanks to Alejandro Machado & his obsession with Buenos Aires architecture, the family name has been verified as Defferari. Machado found the following photos in a January 1925 edition of a trade magazine titled “El Arquitecto.” Zooming in, the family name is fuzzy but certainly legible. There were a couple of interior photos published as well:

Defferrari, Recoleta Cemetery

Defferrari, Recoleta Cemetery

Defferrari, Recoleta Cemetery

Defferrari, Recoleta Cemetery

Even more exciting is the discovery of the identity of the architect… another bit of lost architectural heritage recovered by Machado. Alejandro Virasoro became the most important Art Deco architect in Buenos Aires with dozens of masterpieces in the city & founded a firm which still exists today. None of Virasoro’s buildings have the same Neo-Byzantine style of his vault in Recoleta Cemetery, but they are equally impressive… like this telescopic dome on Diagonal Norte:

Alejandro Virasoro, Diagonal Norte

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  1. Penn Penn

    Alright! Nice to stroll through the cemetery again. Your photographs and blogging are just priming me for March when we go back down.

  2. Thanks, Penn! I’m looking forward to walking through the aisles again too, but my next visit won’t be until May. Saludos!

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