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235. presidential succession

Recoleta Cemetery remains a status symbol in part because it once hosted 29 Heads of State from Argentina—technically more if you count re-elections & make allowances for the insanely long term of Rosas (20 years total). But the most interesting bit of trivia is that EVERY President from 1862 to 1938 was buried there… 76 years of national history in one spot. Not bad considering Argentina is about to celebrate its bicentennial.

1862-68Bartolomé Mitre

1868-74Domingo Sarmiento

1874-80Nicolas Avellaneda

1880-86Julio Argentino Roca

1886-90Miguel Juárez Celman

1890-92Carlos Pellegrini

1892-95Luis Sáenz Peña

1895-98 • José Evaristo Uriburu

1898-04Julio Argentino Roca

1904-06Manuel Quintana

1906-10José Figueroa Alcorta

1910-14Roque Sáenz Peña

1914-16Victorino de la Plaza

1916-22 • Hipólito Yrigoyen

1922-28Marcelo T. de Alvear

1928-30 • Hipólito Yrigoyen

1930-32José Félix Uriburu

1932-38 • Agustín P. Justo

Unfortunately the continuous 18 terms has been broken with the transfer to another cemetery of Miguel Juárez Celman & Victorino de la Plaza during recent times. But the record will probably never be topped.

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