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227. map development 5

In spite of a heavy workload & shifting focus to downtown Buenos Aires, I still considered publishing a guidebook to Recoleta Cemetery. But I couldn’t even find time to finish the map. As a compromise, I decided to publish a walking route of what I considered the Top 50 tombs to visit. It wouldn’t have the text of a guidebook, but I thought of it as the first step to a bigger project down the road.

During the summer of 2006-07, I stopped offering tours to work full-time on the map. By March 2007 it was ready for sale. There were a couple of typos that slipped by me, but for my first printed project I was happy with the final results. I had never dealt with printers before or even taken a course in graphic design. I couldn’t complain:

My map, Recoleta Cemetery

My map, Recoleta Cemetery

My map, Recoleta Cemetery

My map, Recoleta Cemetery

But distribution turned out to be a big problem. I talked with several kiosks around the city, & they wanted an extreme percentage of the profits. So that was out. I managed to obtain contact info for Horacio Savoia of the Friends’ Association of Recoleta Cemetery (ADACRE). I’d always thought to use them as my main distribution mechanism… they sell their own map plus other items at the entrance gate, so I offered to give them 10% of the sale price (2 pesos per map).

I explained that I did not want to compete with their own map but only needed a sales point if someone requested my version. I could promote my map online, & we’d all get something out of it in the long run. I’ve previously mentioned that the price of the ADACRE map is 4 pesos & part of that money goes to fund restoration projects as well as the salary for the women that sell the map. Considering I was willing to donate 2 pesos per map & not even have them actively market it, the proposal seemed fair.

The last I heard from Horacio was in July 2007:

Previo agradecer su atención paso a decirle que he recibido sus dos correos. Ambos los elevaré a la Comisión Directiva para que en su próxima reunión considere su propuesta. Lo tendremos al tanto de las novedades.

Thank you for your correspondence as I have received your two emails. I will present both to the Directive Commission so they can consider your proposal in their next meeting. We will keep you informed of any developments.

My response: Thank you very much, & I will await the response of the DC. I can deliver a copy of the map so that you have it for the next meeting.

Since there was no mention of when the next meeting would take place or even the slightest bit of gratitude for the two years of work put into the map, I wasn’t hopeful. In fact, I never heard from Horacio or any member of ADACRE again.

The whole scenario seems fairly typical for Buenos Aires. If you aren’t part of the clique, then you have no input. But since the cemetery had been neglected for so long & restoration work is expensive, it seems reasonable that anyone willing to donate cash would be welcome. Apparently not so.

My alternative was to start this blog & offer the map for sale via PayPal. It worked well since I’ve since recovered the cost of printing, but that map is no longer for sale. Better things are in the works… not involving the Friends’ Association.

Read the complete story in the following posts titled “map development”: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 6 & Part 7. Good news! The PDF guidebook is now available.

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  1. Donna Tucker Donna Tucker

    Is your map or a guide availale? We are leaving for Argentina on Jan 20 but don’t get to BA until Feb 9. What would be the cost of your map/guide? How could we arrange delivery? If it is available could it be sent to the hotel where we are staying?



  2. Matilda White Matilda White

    We will be in BA at the end of Feb. 2010. I am very interested in your map and would like to know where or how I may get my hands on it. Thanks…cant wait….fun

    • Robert Robert

      Hi Matilda – Thanks very for the comment & interest in the map. If you take a quick look at this post, you’ll see that I’m working on a PDF booklet which will be available for purchase on this site. There’s still some design work to be done, but if you like I can send you an email when it’s finished… definitely before you’ll be in BA. Saludos!

  3. mario braun mario braun

    ¿ SORPRENDIDO? ohhhh….
    yo los traté un tiempo y me sigo preguntando qué hicieron con la donación que recibieron por mi intervención de Save our Cemmeteries (USA ) ….
    tenemos para cambiar figuritas!!!
    de paso, cuando quieras los invito a que conozcas – por si ya no estuviste – en un dpto Bencich ( mi casa ) u otro del edificio de Cba y Esmeralda ( el estudio de mi hija )

    • Me encanta saber que alguien tuvo una experiencia similar. Me pareció una falta de respecto que no me dieron ni cinco. Siempre falta plata para restorar, para difundir, para todo. Bueno, es así.

      Dale! El edificio de Córdoba y Esmeralda es uno de mis favoritos en la ciudad… almorzaba muchas veces en Scuzi (en frente) solo para tener una vista del edificio!

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