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223. where’s the beef?

Given that Argentina’s wealth has traditionally derived from cattle while rich, landowning families preferred to be buried in Recoleta Cemetery, bovine imagery should be everywhere. Unfortunately cattle don’t receive much tribute from their former owners.

The largest & most decorative bit of beef stares at visitors from the tomb of Carlos Pellegrini. Founder of the Jockey Club, Pellegrini gathered the elite together for social networking & political objectives:

Carlos Pellegrini, Recoleta Cemetery

Hugo Bruzone was loved by the employees of his many ranches:

Hugo Bruzone, Recoleta Cemetery

In the aftermath of the Campaña del Desierto, immigrants flocked to Argentina to work the land & tend herds of cattle as shown on a gigantic plaque for Julio Argentino Roca:

Julio Argentino Roca, Recoleta Cemetery

Most original, the logo for a padlock company named “Bull” keeps unwanted visitors out:

Padlock, Recoleta Cemetery

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