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116. name missing

Door, name missing, Recoleta Cemetery

Notoriously difficult to photograph due to its location, this unnamed vault possesses one of the best doors in Recoleta Cemetery… definitely on par with that of David Spinetto. Perhaps not visible given the angle of this picture, the door is actually curved. Amazing.

Update (06 Mar 2009): Last year this vault was purchased & refurbished by the family of Brigadier Juan José Nogueira, who served in the Argentine Air Force. The polished door looks spectacular, & an equally shiny plaque commemorates his participation in the Falkland Island War. It also states that Nogueira passed away on the feast day of the Virgin of Loreto… oddly enough she is the patron saint of aviation in Argentina:

Brigadier Juan José Nogueira, Recoleta Cemetery

Brigadier Juan José Nogueira, Recoleta Cemetery

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