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Category: Symbols

249. silence

Silence, Recoleta Cemetery

Only a few examples of a woman bringing a finger to her lips can be found in Recoleta Cemetery. Deriving from the notion that the deceased are resting or sleeping, silence demonstrates respect & allows for introspection by visitors.

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219. juan bautista de la fuente

Juan Bautista de la Fuente, Chronos, Recoleta Cemetery

Father Time or Chronos, traditionally depicted with symbols of an hourglass & a scythe, also receives angel wings in Recoleta Cemetery. Several similar statues can be found either in seated or standing position.

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204. truncated columns

Classic to funerary architecture, a truncated column symbolizes the idea of a life cut short or unfinished. Not just for young family members who have passed away, it is also used for anyone who had many tasks left to complete. In Recoleta Cemetery broken columns appear as the main sculpture, as a decorative element on plaques, as a crown for domes or in the guise of a massive message as in the Peralta Ramos family vault (last photo):

Dominguito Sarmiento, Recoleta Cemetery

Truncated column, Recoleta Cemetery

Truncated column, Recoleta Cemetery

Peralta Ramos, Recoleta Cemetery

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