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349. map development 7

Here’s a preview of things to come:

Map development 7, PDF Recoleta Cemetery

Map development 7, PDF Recoleta Cemetery

I know I’ve been promising this forever, but my life from February until now was spinning out of control. Only now do I have the time & energy to finish this project… hopefully making it part of something even larger. Stay tuned for that. Once a few design issues are resolved & the text revised, the only PDF guide to Recoleta Cemetery should be ready by mid-December consisting of approximately 20 to 25 pages.

Naturally it will have sections about history, symbolism, a walking route with descriptions of 70 tombs, the complete story of how Eva Perón finally came to rest there & a few urban myths… basically an abbreviated version of this blog to carry with you while inside:

Map development 7, PDF Recoleta Cemetery

Map development 7, PDF Recoleta Cemetery

Map development 7, PDF Recoleta Cemetery

Thanks for your patience!

Read the complete story in the following posts titled “map development”: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 & Part 6. Good news! The PDF guidebook is now available.

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    • Thanks, Dan! I’m looking forward to another season of Fruit Slinger if you’re up for it. Why not come back to Buenos Aires in the meantime? Plenty to write about down here for sure. Abrazo!

  1. Hey Robert, we’re having more trouble keeping track of where you are in the blogosphere than where you are in the earthosphere!

    Sorry we missed you in Bs As this year. We’re looking forward to your cemetery guide when you finish it — our copy of your map is getting a bit worn.

    The move sounds exciting — maybe we’ll see you next there. We’re hoping to make it to Portugal next year, I must try those pasteis de belem custardy things before I die.

  2. Hi Mike – Most of the time I don’t know where I am in either one! 🙂 I wish I’d had more time when you guys were here too… I’ll be sure to email a copy of the PDF when it’s done.

    Everyone should have at least one pastel de Belém before they die. I’ve already had more than my fair share but keep returning for more.

  3. Gretchen in Seattle Gretchen in Seattle

    I am disappointed that your in-print version isn’t available. I think I saw a copy of it at the bookstore around the corner from the entrance to the cemetery when I visited BA. July 2008. But I was BROKE at the moment. Should have known better. It was beautiful. Surely, I thought, I can get it next time I come, while I still have money in my pocket. Now two years later, I hope to bring my mom down before she passes. (A bad diagnosis over the Christmas holidays). She finishes chemo in early March and has a birthday later in the month. We hope she will feel well enough to travel between the two dates. Cementario de la Recoleta is the whole goal of the trip (oh, that, and see her grandson who is studying design in the city.) Anyhow, ANY copies of the beautiful version left? Is your PDF what we need to get? The pictures on your site bring it all back to me so well. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Hi Gretchen! I just left Seattle on the 25th & arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday. Nice coincidence.

    The PDF is available (there’s a link in the sidebar) & is a much improved version of printed map… lots more stories & even more important people to visit. I doubt you saw anything by me in a bookstore in Buenos Aires because I was the only distributor. Believe me, you’ll be more satisfied with the PDF than my previous map.

    Thank you very much for featuring this blog, & I’m wishing you the best. Any cancer is never easy to deal with, & my mom passed away last August from breast cancer that metastasized & spread everywhere 4 years later. Hope you make it to Buenos Aires! I’m sure your mother will love it! And of course seeing her grandson 🙂

    Take care!

  5. Leo Leo

    Hola buenas noches Robert, quería consultarte si es posible comprarte este impresioante trabajo que has hecho, especialmente con el mapa, yo intenté hacer algo hace 2 años tomando como base el mapa de Adacre pero me quedé apenas en el 10%, al no estar cerca de Recoleta (2 horas para ir y otras 2 para volver a mi casa) no puede seguir como me hubiese gustado, mi idea era tener una referencia exacta de las tumbas y mausoleos, también quería señalar cosas raras, partes abandonadas, lápidas de las primeras sepulturas o hasta marcar las esculturas y bovedas que sufrieron actos de vandalismo o profanaciones, lamentablemente aún puede verse porque no fueron reparadas, en pocos casos solo cubrieron con madera o cemento ya que algunos ataudes mostraban restos y era bastante desagradable, y por ejemplo las esculturas sin manos que resultaron en una venganza por parte de algunos grupos cuando fue profanado el cuerpo de Perón. Si es posible comprarte este trabajo en formato pdf. o impreso por favor avisame. Un gran saludo!

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