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347. another break

I’m not sure how many regular readers I have, but at least the people I write about don’t move very often!

I only spent a little over one month in Buenos Aires before leaving again for work; in fact, I’m posting this from the Basque Country. And since my mother passed away recently, there have been many things more pressing than maintaining this blog. Unfortunately she did not want a spot in Recoleta Cemetery… there goes my chance for a family plot 🙂

I’ll be back home in November, eagerly posting again. The frequency of posts may change, & the ultimate fate of this blog will be determined by the end of this year. Too much personal detail to discuss here, but I will likely be living in Lisbon (or maybe Madrid) by February 2010. Although I maintained this blog while living in Australia in 2008, it required a huge effort prior to the big move. I don’t see myself having time to do the same for Portugal. If work & personal matters allow for it, I’ll probably be away from Argentina for most of 2010.

Subscribe to the RSS feed to find out the latest. I enjoy writing this blog, researching details & documenting the cemetery’s continuing evolution. A lot remains to be done. But if life takes me elsewhere, it has to be for a reason…

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  1. Robbie, I am so sorry to read about your Mom. The first thing that popped in my head was the time when I was about 9 or 10 and the Beatles had just came out I had real long hair and one day when my Mom went to work I got you Mom to give me a Bealtes hair cut. What a shock it was.

  2. nicolas nicolas

    estimado amigo sin conocerte personalmente ,lamento mucho lo de tu madre ,mis respetos,lamento tambien tu partida y espero tu vuelta pronto y desde ya agradecerte por todo lo que aprendi de esta pagina ,te deseo todo lo mejor y hasdta pronto.friend

  3. Che, Nicolas – Te agradezco mucho… cuando fallecio mi mama no fue algo inesperado pero me choco igual. A la vuelta en noviembre voy a seguir con el blog… y vemos que pasa en el futuro. Es que hago todo esto por el amor que tengo por el pais y el lugar. A la vez, no rinde nada y toma mucho tiempo para mantener. Si tuviera algunos meses para hacer todo lo planificado con este blog, creo que podria vivir de eso. Mientras tanto, hay que pagar el alquiler :)) Abrazo!

  4. Juan Juan

    Querido Robert acabo de enterarme; Magoo y yo lamentamos tu pérdida y te enviamos un gran abrazo. Esperamos verte en noviembre.

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