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331. extended break

Apologies to regular readers for the lack of posts lately. I can’t remember ever being this busy… ok, maybe in my senior year of high school, but that was a long time ago 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to Spain in a few hours & won’t be back in Buenos Aires until July, so this blog will take an extended break until then. It will definitely resume in two months time. There’s too much juicy material waiting to be published.

I had hoped to finish a self-guided PDF tour of Recoleta Cemetery by the end of March, but there has been little time for me to work on the design or edit text. It was a priority when I moved back to Buenos Aires in February, then all hell broke loose. When will it be complete? Good question. As soon as it is, I’ll let everyone know.

See you in July!

Good newsThe PDF is now finished!

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  1. Can you put me in touch with the organization (or person) who takes care of the cats? I will be visiting May 4-13, 2009 and would like to volunteer, help out (financially or otherwise).

    My husband use to give tours of the cemetery (before or after, around 1997)….He’s very interested in your self-guided PDF tour.



    • Hi Yvette – Thanks for the comment. As far as I know there is no specific organization that takes care of the cats. They’re fed twice daily, usually around 08:00 & again at 17:00. If you visit at those times, you’ll likely be able to talk to the caretakers themselves.

      I gave tours of the cemetery from 2003 until 2008, & there were a lot of changes in that time. Can’t imagine what it was like in 1997… probably falling apart like in my first visit to BsAs in 2000! Stay tuned for the PDF… hopefully I can release it in August.

  2. Hey Robert!!!

    Since you’re going back to Buenos Aires (La reina sin corona del Plata) in July and I’m arriving early in August (then I’m flying south to Esquel where I live), it just hit me we (Leo, you, Cristina Kirchner, The Pope, and me…of course) could meet to have breakfast together…no later than 10 am.

    Estuve por primera vez en España y Portugal en marzo y me quedé enamorado de Granada. Como me dijera una peluquera en Madrid: “Es que Granada te embruja.”

  3. nicolas nicolas

    buen viaje,y te vamos a extrañar bastante aprendi mucho leyendo esta pagina buena suerte y hasta pronto amigo

  4. Hey Dario – jajaja Breakfast is always the first meal of the day, no matter what time of day 🙂 Dale, it would be fun to meet but let’s leave CFK & the Pope out of it. I don’t think they’d have a good time.

    Me di cuenta desayunando con Leo que este es el 12o año consecutivo que vengo a España… increible, no? Granada tiene una magia particular… voy a estar alli en junio, no veo la hora! Saludos.

    Nicolas – Gracias y estare de vuelta dentro de poco… el tiempo vuela. Un abrazo!

  5. Farewell, Robert.

    Hope to see you in July.

    ps: I heard that the City will start protecting Pirovano’s buildings.. or some of them, at least. You probably have heard of it, by now.. but, just in case.. hahaha.

    have fun in Spain!

    • Che, no me digas “farewell” pq suena como que no vuelvo mas jejeje Si, claro, nos vemos en julio. Alejandro Machado called me the day before I left BsAs to say that in part because of my work cataloging Pirovano’s works, the city was going to protect them. Very cool. Un abrazo!

  6. maryanne and lew maryanne and lew

    Hey Robert, Lew and I are planning an extensive trip to Argentina and would like to see if you can provide some tours for us. You are the best guide we’ve ever had (RS Spain/Portugal Sept 13, 2004). We may not be able to get there until 2010 but once in South America we would like to stay for a few months. Can you email us when you get back to this blog? We’ve been following your websites since 2004. Hope to hear from you in July!

    • Hi Maryanne & Lew! Hope things are going well with you both. I’ll be sure to email you when I’m back in Buenos Aires in July & things are a bit less hectic. Not quite sure where I’ll be next year, but if I’m in town it would be a pleasure to show you around. Take care!

  7. Raeann Raeann

    Robert, my old school hip-hop head of BA pal! How have you been? I think of you from time to time. Guess where I’m headed to in September. Spain! I’m so excited. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Take care, happy & safe travels. Love Raeann

  8. Hey Raeann – How’s it goin?! You’ll love Spain… I might even be in the same place at the same time because I have several tours in September. I’ll be in Spain the entire month, mainly the Basque Country, Barcelona & Madrid. Lots of work & a little fun thrown in 🙂 Saludos! Robert

  9. Juan. Juan.

    It’s July already! Where are you? I want to read about this cemetery among other themes… En fin, see you soon I hope.

    • Robert Robert

      Hey Juan – I just got back from Spain & the US this morning… so Feliz Día del Amigo! 🙂 In the next few days I’ll be posting again as usual. Saludos!

  10. maryanne and lew maryanne and lew

    Robert, those lucky tourists who had/have you as a guide in Spain! You brought us the best memories every single day. Don’t forget to link up with us when you have time (no hurry on our part) so we can plan a trip to Argentina and South America when you are there – sometime in 2010. Looking forward to your posts here.

    • Robert Robert

      Hi guys – I had a great time with those groups as well. It was nice to show people around in Spain again… it had been awhile! I’ll definitely be in touch, probably sometime mid-August. I’ll be in Spain again until November. This year has been crazy!

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