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052. faja de clausura

Although not common, a few mausoleums are taped shut with a very official looking white sticker which boldly states, “faja de clausura.”

Faja de clausura, Recoleta Cemetery

Faja de clausura, Recoleta Cemetery

Faja de clausura, Recoleta Cemetery

Structures built in Recoleta Cemetery are considered private property which means the city government has little recourse if a family stops paying the monthly maintenance fee. But the fact that tombs are private property has an interesting twist. If a family comes on difficult financial times, the Policía Federal can seize mausoleums for payment of unresolved debt or in cases of bankruptcy. That’s why the police logo appears on the white strip:

Policia Federal logo, Argentina

Buying a mausoleum at auction may seem like an odd thing to do, but it’s probably the easiest way to get into Recoleta Cemetery. The saddest example of this I’ve seen lately is the mega-mausoleum for the Lacroze family… trolley founders & previous owners of the subway’s B Line. Hopefully the family or the national government will be able to maintain an important part of Buenos Aires history.

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  1. florencia bertolucci florencia bertolucci

    hello, i’m from buenos ayres, i lived 1 block from the cemetery when i was a little girl and until i was 17… we used to go and play there! now i can’t stop going once in a while, i love your website, but is the first time i write here…
    last week i went there to take some pictures, i’m a photography fan… and i run into this “fajas de seguridad” i didn’t undestand at all… the lacroze tumb i think… has fajas in the coffin, too… i thought it was spooky enough to get some pics… i’d like to contact you, if you like… mi mail is

  2. Hi Florencia – Sorry for being so late in responding, but I was moving from Australia back to Buenos Aires & only now have access to internet. I’ll send you an email soon & thanks for the comments!

    Maybe you have some photos from 17 years ago? That would be great to see. I’ve been going to the cemetery every day since I’ve been back. Love it!

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