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293. octavio bunge

Octavio Bunge, Recoleta Cemetery

The wealthy & prolific Bunge family have several vaults scattered around the cemetery. Finding where each family member is buried can be a challenge. Two plaques on this tomb are dedicated to Carlos Octavio Bunge, one of Argentina’s most recognized sociologists. He applied Darwin’s theory of evolution to Latin American societies & their struggles with modernization. Carlos passed away in 1918. A single plaque pays homage to another important family member also buried here:

Jorge Bunge, Recoleta Cemetery

Born in San Isidro, Jorge Bunge completed art & architecture studies in Germany thanks to a government grant. On his return, Bunge built numerous residential high-rises in Buenos Aires. His most visible work was the main site for the Banco Francés in the banking district downtown. With one of the largest domes around, beautiful Beaux-Arts details often go unnoticed during hectic business hours. Go on the weekend for a better look:

Banco Francés, La City, Buenos Aires

Banco Francés, La City, Buenos Aires

Another Bunge building in BA is the former Cristalerías Rigolleau factory on Paseo Colón. Although utilitarian & less decorative, Bunge included relief panels depicting various stages of glassmaking. Unfortunately this structure has been chopped into a parking garage & a hamburger joint today:

Cristalerías Rigolleau, Buenos Aires

Bunge is most remembered for a project 370 km south of Buenos Aires. He, his friend Rigolleau & other wealthy investors created the seaside resort town Pinamar. The original landowner had always wanted to plant pine trees near the sandy dunes & in 1941 Bunge made it work. Thanks to helpful weather conditions & quick construction, Pinamar received its first tourists in 1943 & remains very popular today for summer vacation. Marcelo has been often & offered the following photos:




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