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514. the guardian, best city blogs

The Guardian, AfterLife recommendation

It’s nice to know that our years of research & coverage of Recoleta Cemetery have not gone unnoticed. We were recently contacted by the British newspaper The Guardian, expressing a desire to include this blog in a new project that they hope will be:

“a hub for fresh ideas, thoughtful discussion and brilliant writing about urban life and the future of cities around the world.”

Any chance to spread the word about Recoleta Cemetery is more than welcome. Their recommendations were published on 27 Jan 2014, & we are honored to be considered a leading voice on Buenos Aires. ¡Gracias!

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  1. Marina Perdigão Marina Perdigão

    First time in Buenos Aires Argentina from Portugal. Looking forward to be passionate by this town.

    • Have a fantastic trip, Marina! I spent over one month in Portugal earlier this year & can’t wait to return. Cumprimentos!

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