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491. kitty sunset

For a long time I’ve considered creating a space for contributions… photos of the cemetery I find interesting taken by someone other than Marcelo or me. Or perhaps highlight online galleries of Recoleta Cemetery. Not really sure what form it will take…

But here’s our first contribution. Romina Berardi is an interpreter & translator by occupation but also loves photography. Her equipment of choice is a Nikon D60, & I couldn’t resist her capture of a cat at sunset. Thanks for the contribution!

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  1. ElRicky ElRicky

    The last time I visited Recoleta I spent most of the time chasing cats! I regreted so much not having my camera with me and so I lost a lot of opportunities to take pictures like this. If you now accept contributions, you will receive mine for sure. I just can’t resist looking at those beautiful creatures.

  2. Hi Ricky – If you have a good cat pic, I’d be happy to post it here… I just worry that we’ll fill up the webpage with cat photos! 🙂 When you go back, say hi to my buddy for me!

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