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477. juan pedro garrahan

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Juan Pedro Garrahan

Born in 1893 in Buenos Aires, Juan Pedro Garrahan was second-generation Argentine born of Irish immigrants. His grandparents were from Westmeath County & arrived long before European immigration began in earnest in the 1880s.

Juan entered the Facultad de Medicina in 1908 & graduated with honors in 1915 at the age of 22. Immediately he began working in pediatrics & formed part of the Hospital Rivadavia & Hospital de Clínicas. In 1924, he married María Rosa Prando which explains his placement in their family tomb in Recoleta Cemetery.

One website notes that Garrahan strived to improve diagnostic procedures in order to minimize intrusion. As Chair of Pediatrics in 1945, he resigned from the post during the Perón era & resumed the post after the 1955 Revolución Libertadora. After numerous publications & forming part of pediatric societies in Brazil, Spain, France & Chile, Garrahan passed away in April 1965. In 1979, the national pediatrics hospital located in Parque Patricios was named after him:

Buenos Aires, Parque Patricios, Hospital Garrahan

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