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475. “destinos” television series

Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cemetery, Destinos series

Who else learned Spanish by watching the tv series “Destinos” besides me? There must be a few people who remember the scene filmed inside Recoleta Cemetery.

Produced in 1992, 52 30-minute episodes of “Destinos” taught viewers Spanish grammar & conversation in the format of a telenovela/soap opera. Lawyer Raquel Rodríguez is hired by Don Fernando to uncover a family mystery. As Raquel seeks clues in Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico & México, the series does a good job of exposing learners not only to fantastic scenery but also region-specific variants of the language.

In Episode 12, Raquel travels to Buenos Aires to meet with Arturo. At 16:50, he takes Raquel to Recoleta Cemetery & reveals more about his family’s past. Dedication plaques shown in the episode are only props,& the exact location of filming was easy to find since there are only four diagonal walkways in the cemetery… looks pretty much the same today, except for the new sidewalk tiles placed in 2003:

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Destinos series

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

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  1. Roman Roman

    Hola! I’m a young argentine really interested in learning the masonic symbols in the Cordoba cemetery. Any posts about it? I have just found your blog and I find it really interesting! La Plata, Rosario, Cordoba, and other cities have similar cementeries like La Recoleta. Thanks!

  2. Hola Roman – Thank you for writing! I often visit cemeteries when I travel in Argentina… I was recently in Córdoba (see this post & also this one), but unfortunately I did not have time to visit the cemetery there. However, I went to San Miguel de Tucumán last year & they have a fantastic cemetery.

    Masonic symbols are generally the same throughout Argentina, & there are several sources online about their meanings. Good luck!!

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