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163. coronel estanislao del campo

Estanislao del Campo, Recoleta Cemetery

Online biographical information about this career soldier is unfortunately sparse, but after the independence wars Juan Estanislao del Campo allied with Lavalle against Rosas. Fighting in several battles, he was one of the few to accompany Lavalle on the flight through northern Argentina.

The son of Estanislao del Campo & his wife, Gregoria Luna, became a recognized gauchesco writer, most known for a hilarious farce titled “Fausto.” Coronel Estanislao del Campo passed away in 1861, & this tomb was declared a National Historic Monument in 1946.

Estanislao del Campo, Recoleta Cemetery

Estanislao del Campo, Recoleta Cemetery

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  1. Gray Eddolls Gray Eddolls

    Good morning

    I wonder if you might be able to offer me a little help and advice as regards a specific “resident” of Recoleta Cemetery please……….

    I am a Brit who is currently 460 pages into the writing of a novel and two of my characters will soon spend a few days in BA, staying in the Recoleta district, during which period I need them to visit the tomb of General Juan-Manuel de Rosas………

    My three primary problems are;
    1) I don’t know precisely where the General’s tomb is located and I can’t seem to find a detailed/numbered layout plan of the cemetery on the internet.
    2) I would dearly love to find some images of the various faces of the General’s tomb (I have one b/w image but I can only just make out the family name and I would very much like to see the various panels and inscriptions around the tomb).
    3) ……. (possibly the most awkward)….. I am in Lille in Northern France!

    Do you think you might be able to steer me towards what I’m looking for please? I’d be extremely grateful as would, no doubt, my two characters (who, otherwise, will have to spend a whole day looking for it!)

    Many thanks for anything you might be able to offer and very best regards.

    Keep up the good work!


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