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150. military burials

The burial of upper-ranking military officials can be quite a show. Generals get the full treatment as Granaderos trumpet a funeral march & raise their swords:

Military burial, Recoleta Cemetery

One of the officers buried ended up here, complete with his sword, hat & an Argentine flag. I always have mixed feelings about services like these. On one hand, it’s a wonderful show & hard not to stop & stare. On the other, a family is looking for closure during a difficult time. Dozens of tourists snapping photos of a weeping widow can’t be a good thing. Then again, the military committed horrible human rights violations during the last dictatorship that they still haven’t paid for. It’s a hard call.

Thanks to Mike & Stephanie for the above photo. I didn’t have my camera that day, & we had just finished a cemetery tour when we ran into this.

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