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The narrow walkway in front of the Corona family plot makes it difficult to view a unique symbol in Recoleta Cemetery… an angel holding the trying square of a stonemason:

Corona, Recoleta Cemetery

Corona, Recoleta Cemetery

Easily recognized as a symbol of the Masonic order, most everyone is familiar with a compass overlapping a trying square enclosing the letter “G”:

Masonic symbol

In 2007, the Masonic order celebrated 150 years in Argentina. Even the country’s founding father was one… but then again, so was George Washington. A number of symbols denoting membership to this secret society are scattered around the cemetery, but this is one of the most obvious present. The Grand Lodge of Argentina is headquartered in Buenos Aires at Perón 1242 & occasionally offers guided visits:

Gran Logia de la Masonería Argentina

Gran Logia de la Masonería Argentina

Gran Logia de la Masonería Argentina

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  1. Anne Anne

    I am currently in Buenos Aires and one of my favorite places to roam is the Recoleta Cemetary.
    We saw a door with four symbols on it–thanks to your page, we can figure out three of them. The top one is a crown of thorns with what look like crossed torches, flame side up, inside of the crown.
    I can send you a photo if that helps–or is the meaning clear to you?

    • Hi Anne – From your description, it sounds like a symbol I’m familiar with… except not with torches but with nails instead. If you go to the cathedral on Plaza de Mayo, you’ll find the following mosaic in the floor: a crown of thorns with 3 crossed nails inside which represent the 3 nails used for the crucifixion (2 for the hands, 1 for both feet). I’m pretty sure that’s what you saw. But if not, then please send me a photo & we’ll figure it out together. Saludos!

  2. Raymond E Lee Carmichael Raymond E Lee Carmichael

    Hello Robert, I have a random question for you. Along Av. Alvear there is a home next to what is now the Hotel Dúhau Hyatt and the front gate has atop a carpenters plane, I thought it may have some vague reference to the masons but couldn’t find anything linking it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Raymond – I’m assuming your talking about the Palacio/Residencia Hume with the large tree & high wrought-iron gates… the Humes built a large portion of the railroad in Argentina, so perhaps it’s an homage to the family’s work as engineers. I took a quick look on Street View in Google Maps & couldn’t see that detail, but it could be the angle of their photos. Thanks for the comment!

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